The Catherine Blount Foundation
"a journey of light"

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The Catherine Blount Foundation

"A Journey of Light"
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Catherine Blount


The mission of the Catherine Blount Foundation is to facilitate the demonstration and teaching of the healing power of forgiveness so individuals, groups, and governments can attain the change of perception that will allow them to heal old hurts and injustices and find peace. The ultimate goal of the Catherine Blount Foundation is a peaceful world.

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From personal experience Aba Gayle discovered that genuine forgiveness offers freedom from the prison of hatred and helps heal the pain of tragic loss. Gayle learned to free herself from the downward spiral of grief after her teenage daughter was brutally murdered. She found her faith and began her journey toward forgiveness, which included developing a relationship with her daughter’s murderer.

The Catherine Blount Foundation reaches out to you with support and welcomes the opportunity to be of service to you. Aba Gayle is a teacher, counselor and group facilitator. She willingly offers her story to help others heal from devastating loss. Teaching the healing power of forgiveness, she speaks about forgiveness as the alternative to hate and violence. Anger and hatred make you sick--forgiveness makes you whole.

We invite you to ask Aba Gayle to speak to your school, church, club or any group. Workshops are available for those who would like assistance in working through their personal need to forgive. We find group dynamics are helpful to the process. It is important to understand that forgiveness is a process and takes as long as it needs to. No one should feel they are on a rigid schedule. It is also important to realize that Forgiveness is not something you give away.FORGIVENESS IS A GIFT YOU GIVE YOURSELF!

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This web site is a work in progress-always changing-always growing. We invite you to share your stories of how forgiveness has changed your life for the better. We are looking for real people, not saints or celebrities. Please submit your story by email in 500 words or less with a photo that we can publish on the web site. It will be considered for a place on our page: REAL STORIES OF FORGIVENESS.

FORGIVENESS - Giving Up All Hope for a Better Past!

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Teaching the Healing Power of Forgiveness
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For more information please contact:

The Catherine Blount Foundation
"a journey of light"
Post Office Box 4952
Santa Rosa, California 95402

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