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Aba Gayle's Story
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Aba Gayle's Speaking


Media Coverage


Aba Gayle
Speaks to Groups

Teaching the Healing Power of Forgiveness

Aba Gayle is a teacher, counselor and group facilitator. She willingly offers her story to help others heal from devastating losses.

Teaching the healing power of forgiveness, she teaches speaks about forgiveness as the alternative to hate and violence. Aba Gayle emphasizes that forgiveness is the healing alternative. Anger and hatred make you sick – forgiveness makes you whole.

From personal experience she has discovered that genuine forgiveness offers freedom from the prison of hatred and helps heal the pain of tragic loss. Aba Gayle learned to free herself from the downward spiral of grief after her teenager daughter was brutally murdered. She found her faith and began her journey toward forgiveness, which included developing a relationship with her daughter’s murderer.

She deeply touches and profoundly moves her audiences. She has been the impetus for initiating reconciliation between the family members of her clients and is available to counsel clients who need a new way to deal with grief, death, retribution and reconciliation. Aba Gayle is an inspiring speaker who provides new insights and the gift of love.


"Aba Gayle shared her journey towards forgiveness with my congregation in such a powerful way that I don’t believe there was a dry eye in the room when she was finished speaking. The Unity of Savannah folks received one of the most profound spiritual teachings about the process of forgiveness we have ever been exposed to. The dignity and poise with which she speaks and her calm assurance bears witness that she is truly living the message she shares."

Margee Grounds
Unity Church of Savannah
Savannah, Georgia

"Your presentation was articulate, challenging and most moving."

Rabbi Gary G. Perras
Beth Shalom Congregation
Jacksonville, Florida

"You touched not only me but also the hearts of our entire student body."

Deacon Jim
St. Joseph Academy
St. Augustine, Florida

"The students admired your courage and strength in sharing your own personal story. This was one of the more emotional and informative workshops, and the students appreciated the chance to explore and discuss issues from a victim’s point of view".

Nancy Otto, Director
ACLU, Northern California
Howard Friedman First Amendment Project

"Your message affected me profoundly. You have taught us all lessons that I will carry with me throughout this life and I thank you for sharing your story with us."

Susie Caldwell, Teacher
Thatcher School
Ojai, California

Past Speaking Engagements

The following are a sampling of the organizations, schools, and churches where Aba Gayle has been a speaker:

California Association of Criminal Justice Conference
Monterey, California

Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama

Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, Georgia

Church of Religious Science, Santa Barbara, California

Atlanta Junior High School ,(Inner City) Atlanta, Georgia

Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, Georgia

Unity Church,Savannah, Georgia

St. Joseph Academy, St. Augustine, Florida

Beth Shalom Congregation, Jacksonville, Florida

George Washington University School of Law, Washington, D.C.

Holycross High School, Lynchburg, Virginia

PlowShare Peace & Justice Center, Roanoke, Virginia

B’nai Brith Sisterhood, Roanoke, Virginia

Northern Virginia Community College, Manassas, Virginia

Bethesda Chevy Chase High School, Chevy Chase, Virginia

St. Gregory’s University, Shawnee, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City University Law School, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Bishop Kelly High School, Tulsa, Oklahoma

University of Oklahoma Law School, Norman, Oklahoma

Santa Rosa Chapter of Hadassah, Santa Rosa, California

Napa Valley Church of Religious Science, Napa, California

Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa, California

Morgan Hill Middle School, Morgan Hill, California

St Ignatious College Preparatory High School, San Francisco, California

Irsuline High School, Santa Rosa, California

 She has also been interviewed for programs by the following television stations:

Channel 2, Oakland, California

Channel 7, San Francisco, California

Northwest America, Seattle, Washington

CNN, Washington, D.C.

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Teaching the Healing Power of Forgiveness
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