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The Catherine Blount Foundation
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"A Journey of Light"

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Catherine Blount


Welcome to The Catherine Blount Foundation Web Site. We are here to offer Ripple our services to facilitate our mission of creating peace in our troubled world through teaching The Healing Power of Forgiveness.

Mission Statement

The mission of The Catherine Blount Foundation is to facilitate the teaching and demonstration of the healing power of forgiveness so individuals, groups and governments can attain "the change of perception" that will allow them to heal old hurts and injustices and find peace. The ultimate goal of The Catherine Blount Foundation is a peaceful world.

Aba Gayle's Personal Vision and Goal

Moving average (MA) Aba Gayle offers her personal story as an example of  a journey from the darkness of despair to finding forgiveness and inner peace. Feeling that she is living in a state of grace, Aba Gayle's primary goal in life is to teach that love and forgiveness can heal your life.  She demonstrates in daily actions as well as in her speaking or writing that anyone can learn to forgive. This is Aba Gayle's personal experience and her total commitment.

"Even if it seems impossible to you to love your enemy, you can and must in order to free yourself.  You CAN heal the wounds of the past; you CAN free yourself of pain and anguish, you CAN learn to love your enemy. Your hatred can be transformed to LOVE." --Aba Gayle, Mother of Catherine Blount

"Teach only love for that is what you are."-A Course in Miracles

How We Work 

Aba Gayle is available to speak to groups of any size in the San Francisco Bay Area or anywhere in the world.  Her intention in sharing her story is to create a change in mindset of those who are focused on anger to a total emotional healing and the ability to feel deep inner peace.

Aba Gayle’s message is received with joy and thanksgiving. Reports of lives that have been profoundly healed. After attending a memorial service,  Father Pedro Ottonela, a 76 year-old priest, told Aba Gayle, "You are a Blessing!  You are walking in the light.  Please pray for me." 

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The Catherine Blount Foundation as a Resource

There are many sources of information and support Aba Gayle found on this often-painful journey.  If the Foundation can help you or your organization in any way, we welcome that opportunity.  Reach out now for help and support!

We offer videos and audio tapes of Aba Gayle speaking about her personal journey of forgiveness.  We also are happy to offer our popular forgiveness bumper sticker.

  FORGIVENESS - Giving Up All Hope for a Better Past!

Aba Gayle’s Story
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Aba Gayle and Catherine-1979

In 1980 Aba Gayle’s daughter, Catherine Blount, was brutally murdered. The man who murdered her was convicted and sentenced to death. He is now on death row in San Quentin Prison, north of San Francisco.

For eight long years, Aba Gayle was in darkness, feeling consumed with rage,  hate and the wish for revenge. Her days were filled with anger and despair.  In 1988, a visit to the Unity Church in Auburn, CA, resulted in the discovery of a metaphysical bookstore. Aba Gayle then began what she calls her Journey of Light.   The next four years were devoted to meditation and spiritual studies.

In 1992, Aba Gayle heard a voice that said, "You must forgive him . . . and you must let him know."   This  voice was so compelling to Gayle, that she wrote a letter to the convicted killer in which she expressed forgiveness and compassion.  The moment she mailed the letter, Aba Gayle was filled with peace, love and joy and found the healing for her grief.  She felt it was a miracle.   Aba Gayle has since developed a friendship with the murderer that continues to this day.

So began Aba Gayle’s journey of demonstrating and teaching The Healing Power of Forgiveness.  In 1998, Aba Gayle established The Catherine Blount Foundation as a living tribute to the daughter who did not live to see her 20th birthday.

Aba Gayle has befriended many inmates on death row.  She visits and corresponds with the inmates and often helps to connect those who have no visitors with people on the outside who desire to participate in this compassionate  ministry.   The Foundation also provides educational tools and spiritual teaching materials to incarcerated men and women.

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Teaching the Healing Power of Forgiveness
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For more information please contact:

The Catherine Blount Foundation
"A Journey of Light"
Post Office Box 4952
Santa Rosa, California 95402

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